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Press Release - SI-TECH Announces it Will Add Graphene Nanoplatelets to Their Product List



September 7th

Brazil announced its plans to establish a semiconductor industry in the state of Minas Gerais. COMPANHIA BRASILERA de SEMICONDUCTORES is planning an analog and mixed-signal semiconductor wafer fabrication facility that will run high-voltage, CMOS, bipolar BiCMOS and other processes with a target completion date of early 2007.

UNITED MICROELECTRONICS CORP. the words second largest contact microchip maker said August sales fell 30% from a year ago but extended a recovery from second quarter lows. It was up 13.3% as compared in July which was its forth consecutive month-to-month rise. Business is picking up as clients clear unwanted inventory in the second quarter.

INTEL announced that it is on track for quarter three sales in its mid-quarter update. The target is a 73% increase quarter-over-quarter performance.

SEMICO RESEARCH CORP. believes the industry will experience good growth in 2008 with the next downturn being pushed out to the end of 2008 and in to 2009.

September 8th

ADVANCED FORECASTING said that a turning point and the beginning of the next chip industry cycle will occur in the first half of next year. It predicts an increase in the first half of 2006, as well as double digit annual growth for 2006 over 2005 as revenue shipments catch up with forecast demand. Increased consumption of IC’s by several industries was cited. Fab utilization reached 89% in the second quarter vs. 86% in quarter one.

iSUPPLi CORP. said rapid rising global energy prices combined with a growing excess of manufacturing capacity, the forecast for this years semiconductor sales was trimmed. They are predicting a 2.4% increase over 2004 and at 4.3% increase for 2006. That is a drop of the 5.9% prediction stated earlier. Chip sales are expected to go up by double digit percentages in 2007, ’08, and ’09. A trouble sign for the industry is increased production despite slow growth and weakening prices. Capacity is expected to go up 3.1% in quarter three vs. quarter two while manufacturing capacity utilization will increase to 86% in quarter three vs. quarter two.

September 9th

INTEL CFO confirmed that the company is experiencing a chipset shortage for notebooks stating that INTEL is “sold out”. The shortage is expected to last until 2006, which also said it will continue to see double-digit year-to-year growth thanks to notebook demand. It narrowed its Third quarter revenue guidance yesterday to be between $9.8-$10 billion


TEXAS INSTRUMENTS expects their earnings per share to be between $0.36-$0.38 per share and stated it has positive demand and bookings momentum.

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